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Where can I get my HotRod ?

ArcadePC's can now be ordered at The Sharper Image
Removed the link to a Texas reseller ...
HotRods are available in France and Europe from Materiel.net.
Of course, If you live in the US, the first step for you is to check the official HanaHo website !
Well, if you live in Europe like me, you'll have to visit www.adfinformatique.fr. It's the only authorized reseller in Europe *AND* their customer covers all European countries !
Also, if you're intersted in HotRod Cabinets, maybe they'll help you. -Thanks to Xavier for the mail-
*UPDATE* Zophar will have some HotRods to sell, and their offer seem quite interesting : $189, plus $12,50 for international shipping. Have a look there

Where can I get HotRod adapters ?
There are a couple of PS/2 adapters available that allows plugging HotRods to USB ! They're available at X-Arcade ! *UPDATE* : an official USB adapter is available at HanaHo. You'll have to send a mail to HanaHo to get more info. Note : this adapters needs some more tuning ...

Spare parts for your (unlikely) defective HotRod
Spare parts are mainly availabla at Happ Controls. You'll need mainly 5 elements to repair your machine :
Happ Super Joysticks
(ref. 50-6084-00), price : 1+: $ 7.99, 25+: $ 11.00
Happ Push Button w/horizontal Microswitch (black)
(ref. 58-9166-L), price : 1+: $ 1.65, 100+: $ 1.55
Happ Player 1 w/horizontal microswitch
(ref. 58-9111-L1PLY), price : 1+: $ 1.75, 100+: $ 1.60
Happ Player 2 w/horizontal microswitch
(ref. 58-9111-L2PLY), price : 1+: $ 1.75, 100+: $ 1.60
Happ Push Button w/horizontal Microswitch (white)
(ref. 58-9111-L), price : 1+: $ 1.65, 100+: $ 1.55

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