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Gateway Performance PIII 850XL (Reported by Adam and Michelle)

I just bought an X-Arcade that I think may be incompatible with my motherboard. I guess it would be likely that the Hot Rod would also be incompatible. I don't know the actual MB # though. It's a Compaq Deskpro EN P2 450 Mhz. Is there any way for you to verify if this is in fact the problem? I am definitely experiencing a terrible stick beep problem! Also, when I plug the X-Arcade directly into the PS2 port and don't connect the keyboard, I get a "Keyboard Error" when my PC tries to boot up. I am terribly frustrated, and really want to know what the best path to resolution would be. The only reason I bought the PC was to use as a MAME machine with the X-Arcade.
I'm guessing this is the problem I just emailed you about. After calling Compaq, they confirmed that my board is an Intel 82443BX - Part of the Intel 440 BX series.

If you're experiencing the terrible stick/beep problem with your HotRod and if your system is not listed above, send me a mail ASAP describing youir config, thanks !

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