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What is this Console ? : It's not HotRod related but console ! Mark sent me info on this super rare system, the Super A Can. Oddly enough, the console looks pretty much like the Super Famicom ... Check his site here !

Saturday, 11 October 2003

HotRod Support Maintenance : All the links should be fixed by this weekend. Sorry for the inconvenience ...

Friday, 10 October 2003

Board changed ... : The good'ol ZTNet boards have all been replaced by the new UBB threads system. To discuss about HotRod and Cabinet support, head on to the new PC Hardware / Arcade Cab Support.
This is just temporary, until I get our own HotRod Support Board :)

Sunday, 20 July 2003

REBIRTH ! : Tah-dah ! I didn't make an update to the HotRod Support website for a year ! Of course, the site isn't dead and still is the biggest ressource for HotRod users on the Internet.
So here it is, with a new design and much more to come in the following weeks :)
Stay Tuned

Tuesday, 2 July 2002

EMAIL CHANGE ! : Since the domain seems to have some trouble these weeks, you can send or re-send mails to this definitive adress : Again, my apologies for the inconvenience ...

Monday, 24 June 2002

RIP MULTIFORM : Our former message board provider is now closed. The new message board is located HERE

Thursday, 13 June 2002

THE ARCADEWERX OFFICIALLY UNVEILED !!! : This time, our good friends @ HanaHo finally published an official press release for their brand new product, the ArcadeWerX. Head over to the HanaHo website, or directly to the official page.
By the way, we, at the HotRod Support site will also support un-officially the ArcadeWerX since it requires assembling !

Tuesday, 11 June 2002

FRANCE 0 - 2 DENMARK : France is eliminated from the 2002 Soccer World Cup ...

Friday, 7 June 2002

NEW HOTROD PRODUCT ? : After the now world-famous trackball HotRod SE, now, here is the SPINNER HOTROD SE !!! Click HERE for a picture (picture courtesy The ArcadePC site). However, I don't know if this one is homemade or manufactured by HanaHo ...

Monday, 3 June 2002

ArcadePC website Updated : Mooregi has updated his wonderful site devoted to the amazing ArcadePC product from HanaHo. Check his webpage HERE!

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